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With degrees in fine art, design and photography, I bring a wide range of experience, insight and perspective to the work I create for my clients.  As a technology enthusiast, I am always in step with new and emerging trends, equipment, technology and communications platforms.  The artist in me is always in tune with the surroundings, “feel” and conditions of my shoots.  The lighting, setting, angle and point of view I bring are honed by decades of shooting in a vast variety of locales and sets, whether in a studio or on location.

Specialties include: (Note: may want to condense or put in a services category – whatever will provide best SEO. Eventually may want hot links of each category and sub-galleries for each genre either on the same site or a micro site for this and video. Lets discuss best approach.)

Producing, Shooting, Editing & Post Production For:

People (Corporate Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Entertainment Photography, Event Photography,
E-Learning Photography, Medical Photography, Industrial Photography & Editorial Photography)

Places (Architecture Photography, Art Photography & Assignment Photography)

Things (Product Photography & Strip-out Photography – in-studio & on-location)