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One of the most difficult aspects of any production is making sure everyone and everything is where they are supposed to be, at the right time and at the right place.

Talent, Crew, Props, Sets, Locations, Creative, Communication and perhaps most importantly, Budget, are all critical components that can make or break your Production. When you hire me, expect only smooth sailing, without any of the breakdowns or drama that so often are considered a given.

With so many variables in even the simplest of productions, no one can promise there won’t be the occasional curve ball. The difference I offer is an advance plan for the rare times it does. When it comes to a smooth execution, don’t leave it to chance. I’ll make it right every time, and on budget, guaranteed.

Services Include:
–       Consultation
–       Creative Development
–       Project Management
–       Talent (casting & booking)
–       Set Design
–       Props & Styling
–       Location & Location Scouting
–       Crew
–       Budgeting
–       Vendor Negotiations