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My creative and technological skill sets are particularly valuable when it comes to directing and producing high-quality motion photography/video projects.  I manage all aspect of shoots for my clients from production, set design, staging, blocking, lighting to the shooting and audio & video editing of the project.

If budgets are tight and the project is simple, I can handle all of this for you.  For larger, more complex endeavors, I work with a small, but nimble handpicked team of partners who are industry leaders in their respective fields.

As a professional musician, I also offer a unique skill set in the field & studio to ensure that the pacing, rhythm, sound effects and music beds all work in sync.  After all, the audio is a critical component of a clean, clear and impactful experience.

Specialties include: (Note: may want to condense or put in a services category – whatever will provide best SEO. Eventually may want hot links of each category and sub-galleries for each genre either on the same site or a micro site for this and video. Lets discuss best approach.)

Producing, Shooting, Editing & Post Production For:
Corporate Video, Medical Video, Training Video, Broadcast Video, Infomercials, Web Video, Sales/Marketing Video, E-Learning, Industrial Video, Fund Raising and Entertainment Video.